The Place

Life at the Zoo


Doors open on Friday at 18:00. The doors close on Sunday at 14:00.

During the party you can come and go freely.


Parking in Viiala is free. Designated places and areas will be shown here.


Entrance to the partyplace is through Wanha Holvi pub. Follow the signs to upstairs. If you have reserved a hotel room at Viialan Seurahuone, check in at the pub desk.

You will get your tickets, tokens and other purchases in the party hall at the counter on the left hand side.

Party Hall

Pub Wanha Holvi

The pub downstairs is open on Friday and Saturday 12 - 02. Drinks can be brought from Wanha Holvi to party hall.

Wanha Holvi

Raster Bar


Different accomodation choices are available through Zoo webshop.

  • Viialan Seurahuone has 7 hotel rooms
  • Hotel Ackas in Toijala is reserved for Zooparty visitors.
  • Quiet sleeping area with airbeds at Viialan Työväentalo - the local community hall just 50m away



Other lodging options nearby can be found at Akaa's website

The partyplace has also few sofas and couches available for resting. Naturally, you can also grab your breadbox as your pillow and doze off in the oldskool style.

Sauna and showers

Sauna is warm on Friday and Saturday.

Showers are available for your use during the party.


The party place offers electricity, tables and seats. Complimentary computer places can be reserved from the web shop. Bringing your C= equipment is highly encouraged!

A computer place is sized for a C64 and a laptop. If you plan to bring large amounts of C= gear and consequently need more table space, please let us know in advance. We'll sort it out.

We can secure you one (1) electric socket with current budgeted for a C64 with usual peripherials and a laptop. Take your own extension cord with you.


Wi-Fi is available, but the bandwidth is optimized for C64 ;-) That is, using your own 4G access point is a good idea.



We offer servings for both carnivore and herbivore (ovo-lacto-veg) party animals. Food tokens are available at the webshop. All dishes are low-lactose and glutein free.

We will serve complimentary coffee and tea, soft drinks and snacks.

You can bring your own food and soft drinks at the partyplace. We have a microwave oven for your use.


Breakfasts are complimentary for Party Animals. Kindly reserve yours at the Webshop, as we want both ensure the supply meets the demand and minimize waste.

Friday supper

Pulled Pork / Pulled Oats and creamy potatoes

Saturday Dinner

Chicken fillet in pepper sauce / Tofu wok

Saturday supper

Ham casserole / Feta casserole

Outside the partyplace

There are supermarkets, grill kiosk, a bakery and a couple of kebab-pizzerias within 100m range from the party place.

Alcoholic beverages

The party place is a licensed bar and bringing your own drinks is prohibited.

If you run out of tokens, you can buy drinks from the bar downstairs on a normal list price. You can bring them up to the party hall. The price level is very reasonable. More details in the Webshop.


You can enjoy your tobacco and e-cigarettes in the smoking room in the lobby or outdoors at the designated area.


Party features

Live Music


Wacek/Arise is both a known C64 demoscene musician and a DJ playing electronic music. He combines those two aspects and plays energetic dance live music combined with C64 music and modern samples.


DJ-brothers Jangler and Flex of Artline Designs keep it loyal to the original sound of SID. They're beatmixing enhanced classics and some badass SIDS live. All for the dancefloor!


Kasettilamerit: Raiders of the Lost Bytes

Kasettilamerit (= "Tape Lamers")

Archiving demoscene and commercial releases for cultural heritage of an era. Problems with ageing magnetic media and proper tools for the job.

Secrets of SID

Grue / Beyond Force & Extend

Mythbusting 101 about MOS6581/8580, implementations and emulation. What sid is and what it isn't. Can you hear the difference?

SID Composing workshop

Flex/Artline Designs

Always wanted to do music on C64 but never got it really going? We fire up the Goattracker 2 (Windows/Mac/Linux) and start composing together from point zero. Step by step you'll learn the basics and some useful cool tricks. After this, you should know enough to make it on your own.

Greets to UNESCO – Demoscene as Cultural Heritage

Heikki Jungman / The Finnish Museum of Games & Grendel / Byterapers

The aim of the Demoscene – The Art of Coding project is to include the demoscene on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Representatives from the project explain what it is about, what has happened so far, and what we can expect in the future.

Multipaint workshop

Dr TerrorZ (Tero Heikkinen)

Graphician Dr. TerrorZ (Tero Heikkinen) will give a crash course on how to use the features of his Multipaint (Windows/Linux/Mac) pixeling software for creating C64 graphics. Join the workshop presentation with Multipaint preferably already installed - it needs Java to run. If you're quick you can export a PRG and join the gfx compo!


Synchronize your CIA6526 timers


Time Event
17:00 Partybus departs from Kiasma Helsinki (Mannerheim's statue)
18:00 Party begins
19:00 Sauna is warm
19:30 - 20:30 Game compo qualifications: TAPPER
20:00 Supper
20:30 - 21:30 Game compo qualifications: PIT STOP II
21:00 Live: Sidtronic
21:30 - 21:30 Game compo qualifications: SEX GAMES
22:30 Live: Wacek
00:00 Demoshow
03:30 Bar is closed! Nighty night!


Time Event
09:00 Bar is open. Breakfast
11:00 Greetings to UNESCO - Demoscene as Cultural Heritage
11:45 Secrets of SID
12:00 DEADLINE for music compo
12:30 SID Composing workshop - Getting started with tips and tricks of the trade
13:00 Game compo semifinals and Bronze game: TAPPER
14:00 Music compo in two parts
16:00 - 18:00 Flea market table at lobby
16:00 Dinner
16:00 Game compo semifinals and Bronze game: PIT STOP II
16:15 Multipaint workshop
17:00 Kasettilamerit: Raiders of the Lost Bytes
17:00 Sauna is warm
16:00 Game compo semifinals and Bronze game: SEX GAMES
18:00 DEADLINE for all other compos
18:00 Game competition finals + medalling ceremony
20:00 Competitions (With a couple of short breaks in between)
1. Party feature
3. Disk Cover (Gallery at the lobby + PDFs viewed on screen)
4. Basic Program
5. Graphics
6. Wild
7. Demo
22:00 Supper
00:00 Voting deadline
03:30 Bar is closed! Nighty night!


Time Event
9:00 Breakfast
11:00 Price giving ceremony
12:30 Partybus departs from ZOO to Helsinki
14:00 Zooparty 2019 is over. Doors close.

Zoo mentality

There are no rules - just a few necessities

The Zoo spirit has became famous of being laid-back and friendly. Let us co-operate and make sure everything goes smoothly!

Yet we are obligated to have few basic regulations. The party place is a licensed bar, which brings up some restrictions.

  • The event is for people over 18 years old only.
  • No drinks are served between 03:30 and 09:00. No exceptions.
  • No own alcoholic beverages. Buy your drink tokens in advance and enjoy refreshments with very reasonable prices.
  • During party time you can enjoy your tobacco in the smoking room.
  • No illegal substances, weapons (including a Leatherman and other knife-like tools) or other harmful items are allowed at the party place nor the sleeping area.
  • Drink wisely. We must ask the police to babysit you if you don't know how to behave.
  • Take care of your friends, yourself and your belongings. The organizers are not responsible for any damage, accidents, stolen or lost property, personal injuries or anything possible that could happen.
  • The toilet is the only allowed destination for your bodily fluids.
  • If you break it, you pay it. If you mess up, you clean up. If shit happens either by accident or by purpose, you are responsible of your own actions without any excuses.
  • We reserve ourselves the right of modifying these regulations and making up new better ones if necessary.