4th - 6th of October 2019

Viialan Seurahuone, Akaa, Finland

Zoo 2019

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The Jungle drum beats

Art of Coding

Interested in the demoscene's UNESCO campaign, Art of Coding?

More infos here:

Art of Coding campaign: http://demoscene-the-art-of-coding.net/AoC
Discord channel: https://discord.gg/B3wSMp
Answer the questionnaire: https://bit.ly/2K1wY15

in Finland:

Collaborative Game Histories seminar 18.10 – demoscene workshop https://forms.gle/7R4xEQuDTDjUtkoc9
Tell us that you are interested and join the Finnish team: pelimuseo@tampere.fi

Secrets of SID Keynote

Download keynotes for Grue's insightful presentation "Secrets of SID" here

ZOO Live Stream

If you didn't make it to ZOO join the party live at Twitch

Arrival at the Zoo

Below see the allowed parking areas marked with yellow. Please do NOT park on the red areas.


ZOO'19 Hotel Rooms available for booking on 12th of September

The notorious click-race for the Zoo hotel room booking takes place on THURSDAY 12th of September! The one with the shortest ping and steady hand wins!

Kindly note the following

  • One hotel room per Party Animal
  • Due to the very limited lodging capacity, please make sure every bed is in use.


Download ‘We Are the Chimpions’ – the official ZOO’19 invitation to enjoy some monkey business on your C64. The production was mastered by our trained team of apes: Barfly (code), Zardax (music), Electric (graphics), Tape (sample) and TNT (additional help).

Meanwhile, do not forget to preregister to the October party!


FINNSIDS - Order now! Pic

What the Zoo?

In a nutshell

Commodore 64

Commodore 64 is the most ever selling computer model. Being produced between 1982-1994, approximately 12.5-17 million C64s were sold. In Finland, C64 was extremely popular.

C64 has introduced the world of computing to many people living their youth those years.

About demoscene

Demoscene is a creative community of self-driven computer art enthusiasts. Demoscene became as a technical show-off movement aside the software cracking, evolving to a full-bodied computer subculture.

Demos are programs concentrating on audiovisual show-off, mastery of low-level coding and exploitation of technical flaws. Demos have established their place as a respected form of digital art.

Still in 2019?

C64 has proven to be a source of fun and inspiration over the generations. It is still possible for new generations to enjoy the 8-bit magic.

The 2nd coming of the device has been made possible by software preservation, exhaustive on-line documentation, precise emulators and re-makes of the device in modern technology, such as Ultimate64 and C64 Mini.

Meanwhile by the demoscene superheroes, yet in the 2000s, new features and audiovisual effects are still being explored on C64.

Thanks to the enthusiastic C64 community and help by modern technology, it can be easily claimed the Commodore 64 is at its best right now.

ZOO and the zookeepers

ZOO demoparty was initiated in 1997 to revitalize the C64 demoscene and culture. ZOO is arranged bi-annually in Akaa, Finland and is the largest C64 party in Scandinavia.

This year ZOO targets to attract 200 visitors internationally.

The party is organized by the non-profit organization Zooparty ry. The Zookeepers are professionals of arts and technology, having individually 20 to 30+ years background in the C64 demoscene.

Zoo 2019

C64 copyparties since 1997


Zoo'19 will be held at 4th - 6th of October 2019.

Party begins on Friday at 18:00 and ends on Sunday at 13:00.


The party is thrown at Viialan Seurahuone, Akaa, Finland. Same place since 2013.


The details will be announced later on.

We have:

  • Live music and seminars
  • Demoscene and gaming competitions
  • Catering and Drinks (Seurahuone is a licensed bar)
  • Pub downstairs
  • Sauna and showers upstairs
  • High-quality audiovisual C64 experience on big screen and multi-room video
  • Few hotel-rooms on site plus budget accomodation just around the corner
  • More hotel rooms 10-minute drive away
  • Unforgettable 8-bit atmosphere

More detailed information will appear shortly.

The Flyaway

Visit us! It's easy

Viialan Seurahuone

The party place is an old society club at the centre of Viiala in the city of Akaa.

Street address: Viialan Seurahuone, Keskuskatu 44, Akaa, Finland.

Some distances

  • Pirkkala airport: 30km (30 min)
  • Tampere: 35km (30 min)
  • Helsinki: 150km (2 hours)
  • Turku: 130km (2 hours)

Arriving at Finland

Visit Tampere has a good up-to-date guide on how to get to the region.

Fly to Helsinki airport. There are many connections from everywhere around the globe.

If your flight destination is Tampere-Pirkkala, contact the organizers early enough. We'll organize a ride for you!

Have a road-trip in a group with your car! From Stockholm, it's fun to take a Viking or Tallink Silja loveboat to Turku. Tune into the zoological mode with the merry seniors and 'travel-value' refreshments. You can also take a Wasaline Ferry from Umeå to Vaasa, from where it's just 3 hours driving to Viiala.

Arriving at Viiala


Our exclusive PARTYBUS will take you from Helsinki (Kiasma) to Viiala and back. Jolly mood guaranteed. We'll announce the details later.

Public transportation

'R' train (Helsinki-Tampere) stops at Viiala. The train stop is very near. Tampere and Toijala are the closest junctions and connections exist from all directions. Read more at VR (railway company) website.

Expressbus buses on route Tampere-Turku drive via Viiala. The closest bus stop is Viiala TH.

The Zookeepers

..to the Zoo and beyond!

The Zookeepers

Zooparty 2019 is organized by a non-profit organization Digital Art & Culture Association Zooparty ry.

The members of our crew are new media and art professionals who began creating on C-64 and other old platforms already during the '80s.

Zooparty 2019 -tapahtuman järjestää digitaalisen taiteen ja kulttuurin yhdistys Zooparty ry.

Yhdistys koostuu joukosta IT-alan ja kuvataiteen ammattilaisia, joista monille vanhat tietokonealustat ovat olleet osa luovaa toimintaa 80-luvulta lähtien.

Demoscene affiliations

We come from Artline Designs, Byterapers Inc., Damage, Extend and Topaz Beerline.

Our friends